Are you looking for landscaping services in Northern Beaches?

SK Landscape is a one-stop solution for all your landscaping dreams. We provide landscape settings that can uplift your property.

Our landscaping specialists will convert your landscape into space you’ll be proud of. You will feel like you have stepped into another world. You will not find a better team for landscaping across Northern Beaches.


  • landscaping northern beachesEnhances the overall ambiance giving your home a makeover
  • Increases the market value of your house
  • Maintains temperature – remains cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Reduces the scope of soil erosion or soil degradation
  • Paves the way for cleaner air and filters air pollutants
  • Creates a beautiful setting to unwind after a long day
  • Makes for a great outdoor place to spend family time
  • Environmentally, creates a green surroundings for you
  • Construction of simple landscapes is very affordable
  • Clears out your backyard of all the unwanted waste


One of our landscaping specialists will survey your house and provide expert advice on the type of landscape best suited for your house.

Depending on your requirement, you will have the options of natural, cultural, urban or even rural. If you have a huge backyard, it gives us more space to work with.

You can step out of your house, and step into the world of a green landscape or a rocky landscape artistically placed in your backyard to give you a feel of stepping back into time.


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