SK Landscape specialises in constructing retaining walls in the North Shore area. Retaining walls help you shape your garden and divide different areas of your backyard into multipurpose areas.

Once you put up a retaining wall, your backyard will look like a uniform collaboration of many sections including the children play area, swimming pool and the garden.

We build a wide range of retaining walls, and will build one that perfectly suits your requirements and your property. Contact us today for high quality retaining walls in North Shore.


retaining wall north shoreMade from solid concrete or stone, gravity walls are used to resist pressure from the retained soil by its own weight. It is massive in size and provides the required stability in your gardens. This is best used for segregating your backyard into different sections.


Your garden will look classier with crib walls. These are made by interlocking boxes made from timber or concrete and add a quaint feel to your backyard. If you are looking for an affordable solution, and hassle-free construction, crib retaining walls are your perfect answer to transform your garden.


If your house is near the beach, then Gabion retaining walls are the best option. Made of piles of stone filled gabions, the wall is made of wires that are tied together. It gives a softer edge to your backyard and blends into the background.


SK Landscapes specialises in building customised Cantilever walls. Build with a horizontal footing and strong vertical wall, cantilever walls give a very clean look to garden. Your backyard will have clear demarcations and will look very trendy.

We treat your house as our house. Our construction will be strategically planned by experts and perfectly implemented by professional workers. Contact us today for high quality and affordable retaining wall service in North Shore.

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